Loreto Aprutino

Loreto Aprutino è un borgo medievale situato ad un'altitudine sopra la valle del Tavo, è possibile visitare diversi musei che valgono sicuramente la pena. Festa di Zopito, processione del Bue: questa bellissima processione in costume si conclude quando un bue addobbato si inginocchia davanti alla statua di San Zopito, lunedì dopo Pentecoste.


Loreto Aprutino has a striking number of olive trees, the region is especially known for its good olive oil. You can visit the olive oil presses in October.


Italy is the largest wine producer in the world according to the FAO report, which is why you can find and visit several wine farms in Loreto Aprutino. De Wij did a wine tasting at Chiavolich and Pasetti. Certainly do!

San Valentino in Abruzzo Citerione

The small village, situated on a hill between the rivers Orta and Lavino, is part of the Majella National Park and still has important remains of the medieval fortified town. It is also the home village of Elio Di Rupo's parents, brothers and sisters.

Silvi Paese

Silvi Paese stretches from Silvi Marina, a small seaside town on the Adriatic coast, to Silvi Paese in the hills.

Beaches of Montesilvano

Along the entire coastline from Pescara to San Benedetto del Tronto you will find nice beaches and well-kept sandy beaches.

Gran Sasso

The Gran Sasso is one of the three national parks in Abruzzo; It is possible in summer to climb the limestone mountains to the highest mountain in Central Italy, the Corno Grande, albeit accompanied by a guide.


On the way to Sulmona you first encounter a medieval village of Popolie, this is a nice stop to visit the old center.


Sulmona is a must. Stroll along the beautifully designed Corso Ovidio that passes the city's most beautiful sights, including its beautiful cathedral. Sulmona is known for its sugared almonds, so don't hesitate to try them.

Eremo Monastero Di Santo Spirito Maiella

It is a monastery from around the 11th century, located in the Majella National Park. This monastery was built by Benedictine monks and is situated against a rock and has a beautiful view to the mountains


The castle of Roccascalegna is located on top of a mountain and has a beautiful view of the surroundings .. In the castle there is also a museum about torture instruments from the Middle Ages.


One of the most famous sights is the Aragonese castle, with its beautiful courtyard. Don't miss the beautiful boulevard with light blue tiles!


Pescara was rebuilt after the war and has a modern look. It is a lively city and has a vibrant nightlife. You can walk along the boulevard, watch boats in the harbor or shop in the many shops. There are many eateries where you can eat well.

San Vito Chietino

In Centro Storico San Vito Chietino you walk along beautiful streets to the Belvedere Guglielmo Marconi where you have a beautiful view of the trabocci along the coast.


The coastal road that goes from Pescara to Vasto is really beautiful. Drive along the spectacular Costa dei Trabocci with beautiful bays and reefs. Showpieces on this coast are the trabocchi, fishing installations consisting of wooden beams and nets that scoop fish from the sea with weights.

Punta Aderci

A very nice viewpoint, from here you have a beautiful view over the Trabocci coast.


Vasto is an impressive hill town with views over the Adriatic sea. Visit the Caldoresco Castle in Piazza Rossetti and walk crisscross through the center to the San Guiseppe Cathedral.

Rocca Calascio

Rocca Calascio is with 1460m. the highest fortress of the Apennines, it is a ruined castle on top of a mountain overlooking the plain. It is now nothing more than a ruin. Several films have been shot here such as "The name of the Rose" and "Ladyhawke" in which Ruger Hauer co-starred with Michelle Pfeiffer.


If you walk through the old center of Cepagatti admire the murals on the houses. Beautifully made.

Fara San Martino

In the Majella National Park you will find the gorge Fara San Martino. Here are the remains of a 9th century monastery, a Benedictine abbey. It was abandoned after a flood. The entrance is narrow, so you do not have the idea that anything can sit there. Only much further the gorge widens and a monastery could be built perfectly.